Our Science

Our science is dedicated to enhancing the lives of patients through innovative treatments. We employ a translational approach, collaborating with top-tier researchers at academic institutions
We conduct research in various domains, including the discovery of new technologies, upstream processes at the bioreactor scale, downstream processing and formulation, and regulatory quality control and release

In addition, advanced bioreactor and tangential flow filtration manufacturing techniques have allowed us to produce and test complex therapeutically active components in a non-clinical setting

Inflammation is a critical process in the body's immune response. Understanding how it works has helped us develop treatments for various conditions

Cell Platform

We have been actively involved in placenta tissue-based research and development and created an advanced cell platform with a potent mode of action

Extracellular vesicle Platform

Our extracellular vesicle (EV) platform consists of characterized exosomes derived from the in vitro verified perinatal stem cell platform


We are focused on developing clinical-stage allogeneic cellular therapy prototypes, as potentially transformative approaches to treating unmet medical diseases