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Mesenchymal Stromal Cells
Extracellular Vesicles
Cell Culture Media

We provide readily available extracellular vesicles derived from mesenchymal stromal cells, ready for use

Our Cell Culture Media Kit contains basal media with supplement and is adapted to support the growth of Mesenchymal Stromal Cells

We manufacture and distribute extensively characterised GMP-like chorionic placental mesenchymal stem cells for research applications

Product Information

Passage: Second (PD 8-10)

Cells/ mL: 1,000,000

Human Placenta-derived Mesenchymal Stromal Cells (hPMSCs) can be grown without any limitations and exhibit the characteristic markers and functions of MSCs. As a result, they serve as a valuable model for investigating various processes, including differentiation, inflammation, tissue homeostasis, and repair.

Certificate of analysis (CoA) is available with order

Cat#: PSC-01
Cat#: PSC-02

hPMSCs are qualified and tested for safety and quality per European Pharmacopeia

Placenta donors tests: HIV 1/2, HBsAg, anti-HBcor, anti-HCV, anti-HBs, and T. pallidum

Safety tests on hPMSCs: sterility, mycoplasma, and endotoxin

Phenotypic identity: FACS analysis

Potency evaluation: lymphocyte proliferation and anti-inflammatory assays

Stability and storage: liquid nitrogen maintains cell viability and functionality for no less than four years.

Shipping: worldwide delivery of cells on dry ice

Passage: Custom

Cells/ mL: Custom


The cell culture system supports the growth of human hPMSCs. Basal Media with Supplement (PL-CM) and Exosomes-free Supplement Kits (PL-CM-EF) are available.

Basal Media (PL-BM), 500 mL
Product Information

Certificate of analysis (CoA) is available with order

Cat#: BM-01
Supplement (PL-SP), 50 mL
Cat#: SP-01
Kit Components:

Basal Media and Supplement Kit

Cat#: KIT-01

Basal Media and Exosomes-free Supplement Kit

Cat#: KIT-02
Kit Components:
Basal Media (PL-BM), 500 mL
Cat#: BM-01
Supplement (PL-SP-EF), 50 mL
Cat#: SP-02

(#KIT-02) coming soon...

(#KIT-02) coming soon...

Our Basal media with supplement kits support in vitro expansion and differentiation of hPMSCs. Rigorous quality control tests ensure reliable and consistent product quality.

Safety tests on media lots: sterility, mycoplasma, and endotoxin

Growth promotion: supports the growth of GMP-grade hPMSCs and EVs collection

Shipping: worldwide delivery of media and supplement

A kit includes Basal Medium and Supplement for a Complete Culture Medium formulation. Two versions are available:

  • Basal media with serum-containing supplement (PL-CM)

  • Basal media with exosomes-free supplement (PL-CM-EF).


Extracellular Vesicles (EVs) are collected and formulated from hPMSCs.

EVs play an essential role in cellular communication by transporting proteins, lipids, miRNAs, and mRNAs between cells. #EV-01 inhibits immune cells and contains molecules, reducing inflammation, and fibrosis and promoting tissue repair.

Product Information

Certificate of analysis (CoA) is available with order

10^9 EVs/100 µl, sterile

Cat#: EV-01

hPMSCs (a starting material for #EV-01) are qualified and tested for safety and quality per European Pharmacopeia.

The method of preparation: tangential flow filtration.

Safety tests: sterility, mycoplasma, and endotoxin.

Phenotypic identity: FACS analysis.

Potency evaluation: particle count, protein, and RNA concentrations. The cells' potency is assessed through various assays.

Stability and storage: -80°C in the proprietary solution ensures EVs functionality for at least six months.