Research Output

Validation of our platforms through excellent preclinical and clinical research

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  • Solid immunomodulatory potential in peripheral blood mononuclear cell co-culture, indicating that it can regulate and modulate immune responses;

Platform Extensive in vitro characterization:
In vitro
  • High yields and viability indicate it is a robust and reliable cell source;

  • Mesenchymal stem cell markers, and lack of HLA, suggest they are immunocompatible;

  • The lack of senescence indicates a young cell population with good proliferative capacity;

  • Karyotype is stable, indicating that the product does not exhibit chromosomal abnormalities.

  • Displayed marked improvement in gross changes of OA, such as cartilage osteophytes and subchondral bone exposure;

Platform has shown promising results in managing osteoarthritis and synovitis by promoting tissue repair, reducing inflammation, and improving joint function:
Osteoarthritis and Synovitis
  • Reduced the formation of fissures on the surface of the femoral condyle, indicating better preservation of articular cartilage;

  • Decreased the expression of inflammatory markers in the treated group synovium, indicating suppressed inflammation.

  • Reduced inflammatory cytokines and chemokines in bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) fluid, indicating suppressed lung inflammation;

Platform has demonstrated potential in managing Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) by reducing inflammation, promoting lung repair, and preventing fibrosis by suppressing the activation of pro-inflammatory cytokines:
Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS)
  • Reduced protein concentration in lavage fluid, suggesting a decrease in lung edema and permeability;

  • A reduced number of neutrophils, macrophages, eosinophils, and basophils in BAL fluid, indicating reduced inflammation, prevention of lung tissue damage, and improved oxygenation;

  • Reduced structural alveolar damage, consolidation, and inflammation, indicating a more favorable environment for repair and regeneration;

  • Downregulated inflammatory gene expression of lung tissue, indicating a reduction in lung damage and promotion of repair.

  • Improved the survival rate of animals;

Platform has shown positive effects in managing acute kidney injury by improving survival rate, serum and urine biochemistry, and preventing structural chronic kidney injury:
Acute Kidney Injury
  • Promoted and sustained normal diuresis, indicating that the kidneys can produce and excrete urine at a regular rate;

  • Improved biochemistry and electrolyte balance in urine and serum, indicating a preserved kidney function;

  • Reduced inflammation and oxidative stress in the kidney, indicating prevention of acute kidney injury;

  • Reduced structural damage preventing tubular dilatation, acute tubular necrosis, cast formation, loss of brush border, interstitial fibrosis, and tubular atrophy indicates a long-term protective effect on the kidney structure.

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Platform has shown promising results in managing skin neutrophilic dermatosis by reducing inflammatory cytokine synthesis and promoting tissue repair:
Skin Neutrophilic Dermatosis